In an article about Serena Williams’ shocking defeat at the hands of 24th seed Sabine Lisicki the Metro ran this line: “One of the few things that Wimbledon loves better than Serena Williams is a gallant underdog beating the best.”

I want to highlight what’s wrong with this sentence by pointing out that Serena Williams is the world number one and was top seed coming into the tournament this year. I think therefore we can safely say she is the best female player at the moment. However her being ‘the best’ as well as being Serena Williams would make the sentence in the Metro basically equate to; ‘the only thing that Wimbledon loves better than Serena Williams is anyone that plays against Serena Williams.’ Which would obviously be daft.

            You are reading too much into it I hear you say and maybe I am. However I think that this is exactly the problem with the English mindset towards sport, we love watching the best of the best, that’s why we pay so much to go to events like Wimbledon, but yet we seem to enjoy the underdog winning even more and just look where it gets us. Our immediate gratification at seeing an upset inevitably leaving us in the end with a lower calibre for the rest of the tournament.

            Picture if you will next years World Cup in Brazil only without Germany, Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Italy qualifying. No one is looking at that and thinking that’s great news. Yet this is exactly where our underdog loving mindset leads us. See the problem with the underdog beating the best is that it means that what you are left with is not the best, which is what you came to see in the sodding first place!

            That imaginary world cup is sadly what the latter stages of Wimbledon has become this year with Nadal, Federer, Serena, Tsonga, Azarenka and Sharapova being the Germany, Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Italy. I highly doubt there has been another year where going into the Wimbledon quarter finals The Times has to run an article entitled ‘The Women You’ve Never Heard Of’. Which in my eyes basically equates to ‘the women you really don’t give a monkeys about except for in the one set when it looks like they are going to beat someone you do give a monkeys about.’

Police Under the Covers

Ironically, given their job description, the undercover police have been at the forefront of public scrutiny this week as it was re-revealed (due to the outrage at an alleged Stephen Lawrence smear campaign) that officers from the ‘Special Demonstrations Squad’ had not only infiltrated a bunch of ecology activist groups, but had been slamming and banging half of the Greenpeace chicks they were meant to be spying on. One such copper even reportedly fathered a little hippie kid before running back to his normal life on the beat!

Scandalous right? Well not according to a friend of mine who, for the purposes of this article, I will call Plod. Plod says that as a society we are demonstrating dramatic double standards by demonizing these officers. ‘What bloke’ he says ‘can honestly say he has never pretended to love animals, ice caps, and the sodding ozone layer to try and get with chicks?’

Plod says that some of us are more convincing than others in the art of persuasion but these guys are just the best of the best. So good in fact that their whole livelihood depends on pretending to care about animals, the ozone and bloody recycling.

Plod won’t mind me saying this but Plod is an idiot. However I reiterate his alliteration about ‘dramatic double standards in the demonization of these officers’ in one respect and here it is: Why can James Bond get away with it but these police officers can’t? In all Bond films our man 007’ poses as some sort of suave suit wearing, by day banking, by night blackjacking, international sex machine when in fact he is just the same as any of these police officers, a public servant.

My question is do you really believe that Bond, in one of the quieter years for international terrorism, when he’s assigned to a boring mission like infiltrating Fathers for Justice or something, that he wouldn’t still be shagging? Of course he would! He’s Bond! He would be mopping up ex wives like there was no tomorrow and we would bloody love him for it.

No-one batted an eyelid in the last film when, uninvited, he got into the shower with a woman he had never even kissed before. I’ll point out he was naked at the time and, even though he was in international waters, in my eyes it was a blatant sexual assault.

So maybe there is some truth in Plods sentiments. In films it seems you can shag whoever you like under whatever alias you like and you are idolized. However when it comes to real life it’s gotta be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

In this the fifth of my Video Blogs I cover some of the sillier articles in the news this week. From Indian police tackling leopards to the newly popular practice of Volcano Dogging. (‘Vogging’, as it has come to be called, should not be confused with the practice of Video blogging, which is otherwise known as ‘Vlogging’, and which, as you can see, I have recently got into.)

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Only a short one this one.

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Hope you enjoy it and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!